The story of Teuco Guzzini starts back in 1972 thanks to the intuition of its founder Virgilio Guzzini, who decided to produce bathtubs in acrylic, a truly innovative material in this industry. The success was instantaneous and the Company was quickly propelled to its leadership position in the whirlpool bath segment.

Thanks to the constant investments in research and development and in communication, and also to the outstanding ability to interpret the market requirements and anticipate its trends, over the years Teuco has been at the helm of the development and evolution of the bathroom, turning it from an insignificant hidden room into an open setting.

Innovating and evolving, while always looking ahead, is indeed the distinguishing trait of the corporate philosophy, a constant which now ranks Teuco as a global bathroom brand that is now opening up to new design areas. This is how the “Teuco total look” came about, affording exclusive, complete and comprehensive collections - consisting of wash basins, sanitary fixtures, taps, storage units, bathtubs and shower enclosures - all designed by leading names in the world of international design and architecture. For the first time, the company is presenting a bathroom collection which also includes furnishings and sophisticated interior décor items, such as carpets, armchairs, wall lamps and chandeliers.

It is based on open and constant dialogue with exclusive technologies and research into new materials, which are increasingly interpreting design, understood as the manifestation of an aptitude for innovation.

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